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Do i need to brush my dog before coming to be groomed?

Yes. Having a knot free dog on arrival will reduce grooming time, making it less stressful for your dog, and cost you less!

Owners must address their responsibilities to care for their dog's haircoat with regular brushing and combing.
Pets hair can easily tangle and matt and cause a pet discomfort and in severe cases, affect their health.

Matts are unsightly to look at and very uncomfortable for your dog. They pinch and pull.
Pet owners need to understand that de-matting is uncomfortable and painful for all dogs.

Look out for problem areas: Behind the ears and under collar, arm pits, legs and feet.
The worse the matt the harder it can be to spot...can you part the hair so you can see skin?

My dog hates being being brushed..

Start young pets with brushing at an early age. Talk with your groomer and obedience instructor about ways to work with your pet so that the grooming process is a pleasant one. Older pets who already resent the process CAN be taught to enjoy or at least tolerate it... but it will take a lot more patience and a lot more treats! Or, just face the fact that you will either have to schedule more frequent grooming appointments, or deal with having a frequently shaved pet.

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